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What is the Goal of Our Website?

Our goal with Wheelchair Adventures Manitoba is to share a wide range of information on different kinds of resources, activities and adventures for people in wheelchairs.

After spending months in the hospital following a cycling accident that left me as an incomplete quadriplegic, I found myself at home looking for information about local opportunities and activities that would be accessible to me. Wanting to continue as much of an active lifestyle as possible, I began checking out local swimming pools and gyms. This morphed into collecting all kinds of information on resources that could help those of us in wheelchairs overcome barriers that we face in day to day life.

As I went through this journey, I was sure there would be other people in the same situation, so I decided to turn all those hours of research into this website; moreover, I would like to give thanks and appreciation to those who helped me put it together.

There can be plenty of ups and downs adjusting to life in a wheelchair, but my goal with this website is to show all the opportunities available to us, and hopefully encourage more accessible adventuring in Manitoba.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions as they are welcomed and appreciated.

Thank You,
George Loewen