7 Healthy Living Tips for Wheelchair Users

A healthy lifestyle can improve your mood and your physical well being and reduce the risk of developing mortal health conditions. It is equally important to maintain your health and lifestyle if you use a wheelchair. Wheelchairs bring their share of problems and complications to your health.

It can be more challenging to maintain your weight, and you are also more susceptible to suffer from mental issues than others. Depression and a lack of physical activity can drive you towards following an unhealthy lifestyle.

It is not a secret that obesity is the greatest moral risk of the current age with exponential growth in the number of obese people around the world. It is an alarming situation that the percentage of wheelchair users who suffer from obesity is high.

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Having a good wheelchair can transform your everyday life to a great extent and reduce the chances of various injuries. Every individual is different, and you need to find the things that work for you and aligns with your preferences.

Through this article, let us get to know about the 7 Healthy Living Tips For Wheelchair Users.

1. Stretching and Cardiovascular Exercises

Stretching has several advantages to your joints and muscles.As a wheelchair user,one has to sit in a wheelchair for long duration’s without considerable movement of the body which can be detrimental to your health. Moving your wheelchair can build up tension in your muscles and joints and regular stretching aids in releasing the stress.

Cardiovascular exercise is mandatory for maintaining the health of your lungs and heart.You can push your wheelchair for some time until you get sweaty and feel your heart racing.You can also engage in exercises with a rowing machine, a stationary hand bike, and swimming.

The objective is to incrementally improve the intensity of your exercises by increasing the duration or distance you cover.

2. Sit In An Upright Position

According to studies, sitting over long periods in a bad posture is injurious to health, and it can be difficult to maintain good posture while in a wheelchair. Good posture also makes it easier to move your chair and also reduces the chance of injuries.

A good way to start sitting properly is by keeping your toes, legs, arms, torso, and head in a straight line. The design and back support of your chair also play a major role in keeping it upright.

You can also use cushions to improve your sitting position and shift your posture every few minutes. Sitting in an incorrect position can lead to pressure sores, scoliosis, and restrict your ability to breath.

Maintaining good posture is excellent for the health of your spine and bones. Engaging in exercises that strengthen your core muscles also helps in maintaining the right posture.

3. Get Adequate Sleep

Getting proper sleep can be hard if you can not get to a comfortable sleeping position.You can use a body pillow to get over this situation by keeping it between your legs so that one leg will not apply too much pressure on the other leg.

Sleeping is paramount for resting your body and mind, and your sleeping habits can have a significant impact on your health. Every individual requires a different number of hours to sleep every day and most adults need 6 to 8 hours of sleep.

4. Engage In Traveling

Traveling has incredible benefits to your mental and physical well being and can open your mind to new perspectives and possibilities.

Traveling is excellent for eliminating stress and can be an effective treatment for preventing depression and anxiety. Traveling should be among the most helpful things you can do to have good mental health and create memories worth revisiting.

However, you need to take the proper precautions and equipment such as a foldable electric wheelchair that you can store easily with your luggage while traveling.

5. Drink Fluids

Fluid intake is a requirement for maintaining overall health and brain function. However, you must try to avoid drinking sugary and unhealthy fizzy drinks and instead opt for water to re-hydrate your body.

Sugary drinks contain excess calories that can lead to gaining weight and also make you host a variety of illnesses. Topping up the fluid reserves of your body will help you recover from illnesses faster and also in losing weight.

6. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Taking a shower every day will keep you clean, and it is essential for maintaining a healthy mind. Cleanliness and hygiene are important for the well being of any person, and even if it is difficult to take a shower in a wheelchair, you must take regular showers.

You can also try using shower aids such as barrier-free roll-in showers and shower safety aids to help people with disabilities take a shower independently.

7. Eat A Nutritious Diet

The human body requires a combination of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals to function properly. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and nuts can provide the best combination of nutrients that replenish every cell in your body. Ensure that you eat at least the daily minimum requirement of every nutrient by daily diet planning.


Being in a wheelchair is nothing to feel ashamed of, and you can live a fulfilling and healthy life by adopting the right lifestyle. Your mental and physical fitness has an intimate connection, and you cannot have either without adopting a holistic approach.

Having a positive outlook on life is necessary at all stages, and you can follow a healthy lifestyle and diet to get a positive mindset. With the right motivation and advice, you can rise above your circumstances and limitations and lead a fulfilling and complete life.


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