Exploring Accessibility: The Best Wheelchair-Friendly Trails in Manitoba


Manitoba, with its diverse landscapes ranging from prairies to forests and lakes, offers a plethora of outdoor opportunities for people of all abilities. For those in wheelchairs, finding accessible trails that allow them to connect with nature and experience the beauty of the province can be a rewarding experience. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best wheelchair-friendly trails in Manitoba, providing a guide for those seeking accessible outdoor adventures.

  1. Assiniboine Park – Nature Playground Trail:

Assiniboine Park, located in the heart of Winnipeg, is home to the Nature Playground Trail—a wheelchair-accessible pathway designed to provide an inclusive outdoor experience. This trail winds through lush greenery, offering stunning views of the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the Assiniboine Park Zoo. With a smooth and level surface, this trail is perfect for wheelchair users seeking a serene nature walk within the city limits.

  1. Stephen Juba Park – Waterfront Trail:

Situated along the banks of the Red River in downtown Winnipeg, Stephen Juba Park boasts the Waterfront Trail, a wheelchair-friendly path with breathtaking views of the river and city skyline. The paved trail ensures a smooth journey, making it an ideal spot for wheelchair users to enjoy the river breeze and urban scenery. Picnic areas along the route provide opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment.

  1. Birds Hill Provincial Park – Pine Ridge Trail:

Birds Hill Provincial Park, located just northeast of Winnipeg, offers the Pine Ridge Trail, a wheelchair-accessible path surrounded by tall grasses and scenic woodlands. This trail is designed to accommodate various mobility needs, featuring a compacted gravel surface that allows for a smooth and stable ride. With interpretive signage along the way, visitors can learn about the park’s flora and fauna while enjoying the peaceful ambiance.

  1. Oak Hammock Marsh – Interpretive Centre Trails:

Oak Hammock Marsh, a globally significant wetland located just north of Winnipeg, provides wheelchair-friendly trails around its Interpretive Centre. These trails wind through diverse habitats, allowing wheelchair users to explore the marsh’s rich biodiversity. The paths are well-maintained, and the accessible boardwalks provide an immersive experience, bringing visitors close to the wetland’s diverse birdlife and plant species.

  1. The Forks – Riverwalk:

Situated at the confluence of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers, The Forks is a historic site in Winnipeg with a vibrant atmosphere. The Riverwalk, stretching along the water’s edge, is wheelchair accessible and offers stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. With diverse shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions, The Forks provides not only an accessible trail but also a bustling urban experience.


Manitoba’s commitment to accessibility is evident in the wheelchair-friendly trails that wind through its parks, urban centers, and natural wonders. From city parks to provincial reserves, these trails cater to diverse mobility needs, ensuring that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the province. Whether you’re seeking a leisurely stroll through a city park or a more immersive experience in a natural reserve, Manitoba’s wheelchair-friendly trails offer a gateway to the great outdoors for all.


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