The 5 Best Manual Wheelchairs

Although every wheelchair user has their favorite and what’s best for one user may not be the best for another, we have compiled this list of the 5 best manual wheelchairs in our catalog based on overall performance, durability, beneficial features, and customer feedback from the wheelchair users themselves. 

This guide offers insight into the manual wheelchair buying process, helping you know what kinds of design features to look for in determining the best choice for you or a loved one. During the process of browsing different wheelchair options, customers should consider their specific needs in regards to multiple different categories, as each category influences the capabilities and ideal user-type for a wheelchair.

Top 5 Best Manual Wheelchairs 

Best Overall Choice:

1) Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

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The Top 5:

5) Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair

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4) Pediatric Manual Wheelchair with Hemi-Height

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3) Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair by Karman Healthcare

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2) Spazz Fully Customizable Wheelchair by Colours N Motion

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1) Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair

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5. Invacare Tracer SX5 Wheelchair

Coming in at the number five position of our top five list is the Tracer SX5 Wheelchair from Invacare. 

According to the feedback received from customers, this wheelchair serves as a solid, affordable option that can appeal to any customer’s needs. Specifically, customers explained that the chair does not surpass its competition in any specific category, but is simply an all-around effective chair that embodies the concept of being a jack of all trades, but a master of none.

Very similar to most of the other chairs on this top five list, this wheelchair has a variety of options in sizes, armrests, and footrests. The wheelchair is also a lightweight build, weighing only 36 pounds when purchased at its largest size.

As the reader will come to notice, many of the differences between the features of certain wheelchairs on this list come down to sizing and customization options. For this reason, we will break down the features of each wheelchair before highlighting the factors that were most praised by customers.


The Tracer SX5 is offered in four sizes, differentiated by the width of the seating surface: 16 inches, 18 inches, 20 inches, and 22 inches in width.


All of the armrests available for this wheelchair are capable of being flipped back (to remain out of the patient’s way, if needed). Each armrest is set at a fixed height. There are two armrest length options available: full-length and desk-length. As one can likely deduce, desk-length arms are shortened to allow the wheelchair to roll closer to a desk or table before being stopped by the armrests; full-length arms extend to the edge of the seating area.


The footrests of this chair are broken down into a variety of combinations. 

The footplates (on which the bottom of the patient’s foot is placed) are available in composite or aluminum construction. The footplates can also be equipped with or without heel loops.

The calf pads are available in a flat or padded format as well. 

Lastly, the legrests offer three forms of leg elevation: economy hemi elevation, standard hemi elevation, or hemi smartleg articulating elevation.

Additional Options

Finally, this wheelchair offers customers the option of a pair of adjustable anti-tippers, which help to prevent any risk of the wheelchair falling.

Customers praise the customization options of the Invacare Tracer Wheelchair and its ability to adapt to their needs. However, as was alluded to earlier in this section, the most frequently praised feature of this wheelchair in customer feedback was its ability to be competitive in almost every category, despite not being the top-of-the-line in any specific category. 

This consistency, coupled with its relatively low price, was considered by customers to be a key reason for its high ranking—as it earned a 4.5/5.0 among customer reviews.

Features and Benefits

  • Lower in price than much of its competition
  • Offered in four seat sizes
  • Anti-tippers available
  • Adjustable armrests give the patient more room

Customer Feedback


  • Multiple customers pointed out that the wheelchair does everything well, even if not the best in any one particular category. This ability to satisfy all patient needs was a tremendous selling point, according to customers.
  • The diverse customization options make this wheelchair capable of being designed to address the specific needs of the customer. This versatility is one of the more universally-praised features in wheelchairs, and one frequently sought out by customers reviewing wheelchairs on this list.


  • A very common phrase mentioned by customers in their feedback was “good enough.” This wheelchair was widely viewed as a relatively inexpensive option to fit short-term needs of patients, but not an ideal choice for long-term care.
  • Despite the aforementioned “good but not great” quality of this wheelchair, it is not the most inexpensive option on this list. One customer explained that he found other options that provide similar quality at lower prices.

4. Viper Deluxe Lightweight Dual Axle Wheelchair

Representing Drive Medical at the number four position is the Viper Deluxe Lightweight Dual Axle Wheelchair

This wheelchair, while bearing the same traditional shape and structure seen in the Invacare Tracer, manages to offer the customers slightly more in both customization and quality. In particular, the chair offers a number of features for patients with higher mobility, allowing them to get on or off the wheelchair with relative ease. 


Potentially one of the greatest advantages of this wheelchair is its plethora of sizing options. Customers are provided with the choice between the 12 inch, 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, or 20 inch seat width. As customers were quick to point out, this ability for patients to move up in size as they grow—in the case of young patients—helps to eliminate the time required to become acquainted with a new chair when moving up in size.


Similar to some of the other wheelchairs featured in the top five, this chair offers patients two lengths of armrests—standard length and desk length. The armrests are also capable of being flipped back (again, seen in many other chairs). However, in specific sizes of this wheelchair, the armrests can also be adjusted for height and even fully detached for the comfort of the patient. One customer explained that this made the chair ideal for patients who are more mobile or want easier access to the wheels for self-propulsion, as they are offered a wider range of movement in this chair.


The footrests of this wheelchair are of a composite composition and feature the “swing-away” ability seen in some other wheelchairs. This chair garners a sizeable amount of praise from customers because the ability of the legrests to swing to the side and the armrests to swing back allows mobile patients a high level of ease getting in or out of the seat.

Additional Options

This wheelchair boasts a feature that is only seen in a select few other wheelchairs: an adjustable backrest. 

The height of the backrest of this wheelchair can be shifted between 18 inches and 20 inches. While not a massive range of difference, this feature is highly praised by customers in their feedback, as it provides them the ability to align the top of the backrest to a position that is comfortable and supportive to the individual using the chair.

As was alluded to earlier, the highest point of praise from customers in regards to this wheelchair is its utility for mobile patients. A large number of customers explained that their patients prefer this wheelchair due to its swinging arm and legrests, which allow them more room to transfer between the wheelchair and other locations such as a bed, couch, or toilet.

Features and Benefits

  • Detachable, adjustable armrests
  • Swing away legrests
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Easy to get on or off the wheelchair

Customer Feedback


  • Many customers focused their praise on the Viper Deluxe’s ability to offer patients more space to transfer thanks to its mobile arm and legrests.
  • Customers also noted that the adjustable backrest of the wheelchair is an underrated feature that allows them to position the backrest at a height that provides the greatest degree of comfort for the patient.


  • While it is less expensive than most ergonomic or powered wheelchairs, this wheelchair is more expensive than most of the standard, manual wheelchairs (the specific category to which it belongs).
  • One customer was dissatisfied with the fact that the wheelchair only offers one option in footrests, while other wheelchairs have multiple options in the construction of the footrests.

3. Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair by Karman Healthcare    

Karman Healthcare earns the number three spot on our list with their Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair. Its ergonomic design is reported as being highly comfortable by customers, and a good option for both short-term and long-term sitting. Several users commented on how this chair has assisted in the prevention of pressure ulcers and sores.

The most praise about this wheelchair focuses on its sturdiness and stability in such a lightweight design. Many customers who had used other manual wheelchair designs were blown away by how easy this Top End chair is to maneuver, self-propel, and transport and how steady and strong it remains throughout any activity. They also loved how the ergonomic configuration prevents sliding in the seat, which also engendered a better sense of stability.

Accommodating users up to 250 pounds, this manual wheelchair comes in two different color combinations, two different seat sizes, and weighs only 29 pounds (without riggings). Its many design benefits include 24-inch quick-release rear wheels, adjustable/flip back armrests, a folding backrest, and a choice of various footrests, leg rests, and Frog Legs suspension. 


The Top End Ergonomic manual wheelchair is exceptionally lightweight and comes in a 16-inch x 17-inch or 18-inch x 17-inch seat size, which customers said was very helpful for providing a more customized fit. 


The uniquely-designed armrests of this manual wheelchair boast a wider, concaved arm pad to enhance comfortable support. They’re also height-adjustable to adapt to different activities and user heights, and will flip back and out of the way for transfers and to improve accessibility for mobility.


Customers often remarked about how pleased they were with the specific type of footrest option they chose for their Top End Ergonomic wheelchair and appreciated that they were given a choice. Choose from either elevating or swing-away styles for the footrests. The tube-in-center footplate also helps keeps the legs in a better position with its side support. 

Additional Options

The Top End Lightweight Ergonomic Manual Wheelchair boasts an array of both standard and add-on options that help make this model the best for its many varied users. It comes complete with upholstery that’s equipped with AEGIS antibiotic technology, which several customers talked about being extremely helpful in controlling stains and odors, while it also helps to maintain the integrity of the fabric.

This wheelchair’s add-on options, several of which customers touted as being especially helpful for their own unique needs, include a pair of anti-tippers, a seat belt, extra upholstery, a memory foam seat cushion, an ergonomic/contoured seat cushion, reflecting spoke guards, magnesium wheels, Vulcan-Grip wheels, an angle/height/length-adjustable headrest, and Frog Legs suspension.

Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic design enhances comfort 
  • Height-adjustable and flip-back armrests
  • Footrests elevate or swing-away
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Adjustable seat height

Customer Feedback


  • The positive feedback for this ergonomic manual wheelchair is overwhelmingly positive, with most customers rating it at five stars. Its ergonomic comfort, especially for long-term sitting, is often mentioned as being a significant improvement over other chairs used in the past.
  • Most customers just couldn’t believe how sturdy and stable this wheelchair was, especially as it is so lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Several customers discussed the reasonable price point, saying this chair gives the best value for the money spent, while they also appreciated all the affordable customizable options, such as adding anti-tippers, without spending a fortune.


  • No back height adjustment was disappointing for some customers, as they explained this feature makes all the difference for users who are taller or shorter than average. 
  • A few customers mentioned that this chair may be harder to propel or push than some other similar models, with a couple of folks saying it felt like the brake was on.
  • Some independent manual wheelchair users reported that this wheelchair may be awkward to fold when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat of a vehicle because it doesn’t have a strap to pull up on in order to fold the wheelchair, but they added their own and this solved the problem.

2. Spazz Fully Customizable Wheelchair by Colours N Motion   

Grabbing the position of number two in our review, the Spazz Fully Customizable Wheelchair by Colours N Motion delivers optimal customization for every rider, boasting more standard, add-on, and after-market options than just about any other manual wheelchair we’ve ever seen.

Wheelchair users love the stability and maneuverability of the rigid aluminum frame, which only weighs 21 pounds (without riggings), but is strong and sturdy to safely support up to 250 pounds. A number of customers specifically commented about how durable and dependable this wheelchair has been for them, with some of the more active users surprised by how well the Spazz has held up for years, especially under hard and abusive usage.

Multiple customers had purchased this manual wheelchair for assistance during recovery following a new injury or surgery. It’s often recommended by therapists for this purpose, as it provides infinite rear seat height adjustability, enabling a higher rear seat that’s preferable for patients just beginning to heal. 

The height adjustment plates that enable this rear seat adjustability also facilitate a variety of positioning and size adjustments, making this a popular feature for most users, not only those recently injured. Most customers praised the infinite adjustability and how easy it is to customize this chair to your exact needs, in every way, from the fit to the expression of personal style. 


The Spazz wheelchair is available in two different frame sizes, with the standard option accommodating up to 250 pounds, and the heavy-duty frame accommodating up to 300 pounds. Both sizes are highly adjustable and come in various size selections with their net seat depth, front seat height, rear seat height, seat to footrest height, and set-depth adjustable short frames or long frames. 


Armrests do not come standard with this wheelchair but are offered in several different styles as add-on modifications. These include styles adjustable in angle and height that are either fixed or swing-away, or styles adjustable in angle that flip-up in either a fixed or adjustable format. 


This wheelchair includes a standard footplate in a choice to match the seat width minus 5-inches with a bottom frame taper, or the seat width minus 2-inches with no taper, along with a standard single-loop footplate that’s height and angle adjustable. A single flip-back loop footplate without a riser that’s also height and angle adjustable can be selected as an add-on.

Additional Options

The remarkable amount of customization options for the Spazz are simply just too numerous to list, but it is this exceptional capability to modify the equipment to adapt to the needs of the user that customers love so much about this unique manual wheelchair. 

Included standard options comprise a variety of selections for the wheelchair’s center of gravity, frame angle, backrest style and height, footrest style and width, rear wheels, inside wheel clearance, tires, camber angle, handrims and tabs, casters and forks, upholstery type and color, and wheel locks. Add-on options include choices for a seat cushion, side guards, push-handles, anti-tippers, spoke protectors, a seat belt, a wheelchair tray, and so much more. 

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptionally customizable to adapt to every user
  • Infinite rear seat height and positioning adjustability
  • Tough and durable construction withstands hard and heavy wear
  • Rigid style in a maneuverable, lightweight design

Customer Feedback


  • “The adjustability is awesome!” As the most common comment among the Spazz manual wheelchair users, most couldn’t give it enough praise for how well they were able to customize this equipment to their exacting specifications. No matter whether they were young, elderly, super active, or sedentary, most customers loved its multiple customization options and being able to modify the chair to meet their needs.
  • Multiple customers frequently commented about how strong and sturdy the Spazz wheelchair is, and how much longer it is performing for them compared to other manual wheelchairs they had previously used. A few users specifically discussed how they think this chair was built by wheelchair users because of its excellent design, and not by “some engineer that thinks they know what’s going on”. The majority of customers gave this wheelchair a 5-star rating.


  • Some customers felt that the backrest mesh material is a bit flimsy and will probably stretch out quickly.
  • One customer had trouble with the footplate staying level and replaced it with a welded version.
  • Depending on axle placement and/or center of gravity, the frame layout may not allow the brakes to slide back far enough and be workable. 

1. Drive Medical Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair   

Drive Medical deserves the number one spot in our review with its Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair. Remarkably affordable, this manual wheelchair is considered by its happy users to deliver dependable performance and functionality at the best price point. Its powder-coated, silver-vein steel frame is durable and strong, but still lightweight and maneuverable for self-propulsion. 

Offering great general support in a comfortable design, the Silver Sport 2 is perfect for both temporary and long-term use. With the push-to-lock wheels and detachable full arm, this model makes it possible for patients to be transferred out of the wheelchair safely. Many customers used this wheelchair to recover from an injury, while others have used it as their regular, everyday wheelchair for years.

Foldable for easy transport and storage, this manual wheelchair highlights a comfortable seat and backrest, covered in enduring nylon upholstery that’s simple to clean and maintain. Its push-to-lock wheel locks ensure stationary security during transfers, adding to its reliable sturdiness. The Silver Sport Two’s urethane tires mounted on composite wheels are also low-maintenance, preventing skidding as they grip the ground to roll smoothly on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.  


The Silver Sport 2 manual wheelchair is available in one basic size, with an overall height of 36 inches, and a width of 24 inches (folding down to a 30-inch height and 11-inch width). Its overall length with front riggings is 43.5 inches. The seat between the armrests measures 18-inches wide by 15.75-inches deep, with a seat-to-floor height of 19.5 inches. 


This wheelchair comes with fixed, full-length armrests that are padded to provide optimal comfort and support. A number of customers specifically commented on how much more comfortable these armrests are than some other styles they have used before, and how sturdy their support is during transfers in and out of the chair. 


The detachable, swing-away footrests are included as a standard feature to provide access for transfers and other activities along with comfortable support for the feet while seated. Adjustable-length front riggings are also included to suit specific heights.

Additional Options

A handy carry pocket on the backrest enables the convenient carrying of personal items. The add-on and after-market options to customize this manual wheelchair to suit specific user needs include anti-tippers with or without wheels, auto-clasp or Velcro-type seat belts, a telescoping IV pole attachment, a universal oxygen cylinder holder, a wheel lock extension, an overhead anti-theft single pole device, an anti-fold bar, a wheelchair cane crutch holder, heel loops, and a left or right limb support.

Features and Benefits

  • Remarkably affordable without sacrificing quality
  • Good, basic design accommodates a wide range of wheelchair users
  • Strong and sturdy steel construction
  • Push-to-wheel locks ensure stability for transfers
  • Fixed, full-length, and padded armrests
  • Detachable, swing-away footrests
  • Detachable full arm or desk arm
  • Low-maintenance composite wheels with urethane tires
  • Convenient carry pocket on backrest

Customer Feedback


  • The Silver Sport 2 is very favorably reviewed by an overwhelming majority of customers. A significant number of people discussed their initial trepidation with such a low price point, as they thought the chair would be flimsy, shaky, or bend. But they were all very pleasantly surprised to find this chair is strong and sturdy, and worked as promised, exceeding their expectations. 
  • A number of Silver Sport 2 users also loved the slightly smaller width of the chair, saying it fit through narrow doorways in their home where other wheelchairs they had used couldn’t do this unless they folded. 
  • The wheelchair’s ability to roll smoothly and silently was another well-loved feature, along with its capability to operate on just about any indoor or outdoor surface with its shock-absorbing suspension. 
  • Often purchased for help with mobility following an injury, customers remarked that they would see this model a lot at rehab and long-term care facilities, so it must be a popular choice! Most users reviewing this wheelchair rated it at 5 stars.


  • Several customers felt that this wheelchair isn’t big enough for some larger or taller users, even when they weigh less than the 250-pound stated weight capacity. A few folks said the seat was quite snug, and they wouldn’t be able to use it with a winter coat.  

Matching a Wheelchair to Suit Your Lifestyle     

The people who use wheelchairs are just as diverse as the rest of the population, varying in age, body type, gender, and diagnosis. They differ in the activities they’ll want to do, and the places they’ll want to go using their wheelchair. This is why it’s so important to determine certain factors of intended use and the intended user’s lifestyle in order to figure out the best manual wheelchair to choose for each person.  

  • Rigid vs Folding Frames – Even though they are usually a bit heavier, rigid manual wheelchair frames are generally easier to self-propel and push than folding frames. But because they do tend to be lighter, folding frames are preferable for frequent transportation, as some designs even fit in an airplane’s overhead bin.   
  • Comfort vs Maneuverability – The more lightweight a manual wheelchair is, the more maneuverable it is. However, it’s important to keep in mind that a little comfort will be sacrificed the more lightweight the wheelchair becomes. People requiring more comfort because of tendencies toward pressure sore development, or who are more susceptible to rougher, more active riding, should choose a heavier, rigid design.  
  • Ergonomic vs Basic – Basic manual wheelchair designs perform very well for users with good upper body strength and minimal lower body disability and are also a good choice for temporary or limited use, or as a second wheelchair. But for people with more involved impairments, an ergonomically designed manual wheelchair would be the much better option, especially for those unable to position themselves without assistive support. Ergonomic wheelchairs provide more comfort for long-term sitting, too.   
  • Cost vs Customizability – A lower purchase price doesn’t always translate to a good value, and it’s necessary to carefully weigh your options when comparing manual wheelchairs. You’ll also notice while some wheelchairs have a much lower starting price, that if you do require a lot of customization features these are not usually included in that price, and will make the price of your chair much higher. It’s also important to consider that a wheelchair that’s cheaper in price but not the right design for you can become an extremely uncomfortable seat and ride very quickly, making it the wrong choice for the long-term.       

Important Features for Manual Wheelchairs   

There are a number of major design components you’ll need to take into consideration when you’re shopping for a manual wheelchair. We’ve highlighted several of the most important features here to help you know what to look for, what’s available, and what to consider before making your purchase.  

  • Frame style – Most manual wheelchairs are presented in either a rigid frame or folding frame style. Both can be exceptionally lightweight, with folding frames usually offering the lightest style. Rigid and folding frames are generally constructed with titanium, aluminum/aircraft aluminum, or carbon fiber to add strength without weight, making both dependably durable. If they have a lot of added modifications, folding frames usually weigh more than rigid frames. But while rigid frames can also be disassembled for transport, folding frames are much easier to maneuver for this purpose.  
  • Suspension – Many manual wheelchairs offer customizable suspension that’s specifically designed to dissipate road vibration to prevent it from entering the frame, transferring it to the rider. Suspension deflects the higher impact energy created when the smaller front wheels encounter obstructions rolling over a variety of everyday surfaces. Studies have demonstrated that 80-percent of all the vibration within the frame of a wheelchair originates from the front casters. Research has further determined that the Frog Leg front suspension eliminates 76-percent of all the chair frame’s vibration. The rear suspension is also important in reducing the spinal compression often experienced during curb drops.  
  • Sizing – There are several sizing factors to consider for manual wheelchairs, including the size and weight of the wheelchair itself, along with specific measurements to determine for the seat’s height, width, and depth. Some manual wheelchairs are offered in multiple size range options, with most adjustable in height to accommodate different user heights. Most manual wheelchairs also offer a safe weight capacity of 250 pounds, with other styles and bariatric models providing much higher weight accommodations. Figuring out how the wheelchair will be used also factors into what type of manual model to choose, as heavier wheelchairs may be harder for some users to self-propel with, or they may be too heavy for the caregiver to transport. 
  • Armrests – Armrests for manual wheelchairs add comfort and support. They’re often removable or can flip up and out of the way for more accessible transfers, self-propelling, and other activities. There is a wide array of armrest styles to choose from to meet the specific needs for each user, including fixed height arms, adjustable height arms, full-length arms, desk-length arms, and sport/cane arms.  
  • Footrests and Legrests – Like armrests, leg rests and footrests are designed to promote comfort and positioning support and come in a diverse variety of styles to suit specific user requirements. Footrests are usually designed to swing away or are completely removable, and can often be angled or adjusted to meet precise positioning needs. Leg rests aren’t always included on manual wheelchairs, as they add weight that not every user needs. But they do help keep the legs in proper positioning for users requiring this assistance, and can come in fixed or adjustable lengths, or articulating styles that are quickly adjusted for different activities.  


What is a Manual Wheelchair?   

As a solid all-around option for people with mobility issues, manual wheelchairs are designed to be durable, comfortable, and easy to use, providing a more lightweight and portable option to powered wheelchairs. They offer people living with limited mobility access to their home, work, shopping, and any other travel, enabling them to live life without barriers.

Available in a wide range of sizes, styles, and configurations, manual wheelchairs are generally designed as a mobility chair with small front wheels and large rear wheels, which can be both pushed by a caregiver or manually propelled by the wheelchair rider. 

The configuration of the frame enables users to reach the rims of the larger rear wheels and push themselves as they remain seated in the chair, while a bar or rear-facing handles in the back of the wheelchair allow for comfortable control by a caregiving attendant.

Who Uses Manual Wheelchairs?   

If the person using the wheelchair wants to self-propel, they will need some upper body strength in order to accomplish this with a manual wheelchair. If the user is completely or partially immobile and relies on the assistance of a caregiver to propel the wheelchair, a manual wheelchair would be a better option than a power wheelchair. 

Manual wheelchairs are great transportation for people who experience difficulty with walking due to physical or physiological illness, injury, or disability. They’re most typically utilized by individuals of all ages who retain some level of upper body strength, although they’re also sometimes used to help patients regain their strength following an injury or illness. 

If you struggle to walk on your own, and can only take a few steps before you need to rest (with or without assistance), you may benefit from the use of a manual wheelchair.

How long does a manual wheelchair last?

How long a manual wheelchair lasts is dependent on several factors, including the rate of use, the material used, and how heavy or hard the use is, with most quality manual wheelchairs providing full or limited warranties up to three years. 

How to use a manual wheelchair?

A manual wheelchair is self-propelled by the rider by pushing on rims that surround the large wheels, while it also has handles on the back for an attendant or caregiver to push. While you should always consult with your therapist to determine the most efficient methods for propulsion and how to avoid injury, long smooth strokes are generally better than short strokes, and during the non-pushing (recovery) part of the stroke, the hand should drop below the push rim.

How do I choose a manual wheelchair?

Choosing the best manual wheelchair is determined by the intended user’s physical needs, size, activity level, and lifestyle, and the selection of a model that can best meet those unique requirements. 

What is the best lightweight wheelchair?

The best lightweight wheelchair offers safety, comfort, and maneuverability in a reliable and durable design. What’s best for one person may not be the best for another, as needs, activity levels, and intended usage all differ widely among wheelchair users.

Does Medicare cover manual wheelchairs?

Medicare Part B medical insurance covers manual wheelchairs as DME (durable medical equipment) that your doctor prescribes for use in your home.


Choosing the best manual wheelchair can be a pretty intensive endeavor, but we hope we’ve helped to clarify and condense the most important information so you can make the best choice for you or a loved one. 

While each of the wheelchairs featured in this top five article has its distinct advantages, there can only be one to claim the rank of number one, the Silver Sport 2 Wheelchair from Drive Medical. Chosen as the best based on its performance, durability, and ease of maneuverability, the Silver Sport 2 also offers incredible value for its low price point, making it a popular choice for both individual and institutional use.  

RehabMart offers a comprehensive selection of manual and powered wheelchairs from well-known, high-quality manufacturers for a wide range of user requirements and special needs.

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